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Agent Forum

A place where agents can exchange ideas and resources and ask questions that are not readily answered by a DSM or underwriter.  It is not anti-company, it is pro-agent and pro-insured.

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One of the main goals of the Shelter Agents Forum is to develop a one-stop library of valuable resources for Shelter agents.

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Even though we’re all bound by our common interests in this Company and the well-being of our insureds, we’re still a bunch of independent contractors out here flying solo—you in one town and me in another.  In the past, this separation has made it challenging, if not impossible, for us agents to coordinate solutions to problems like eCommerce, difficult insureds, and agency growth (to name just a few!).  But this forum seeks to solve that problem by providing an online space where agents can talk and share.  We are all smarter, and stronger, together.  So, let’s stop comparing each other’s sales numbers, and let’s start talking!   

Let’s get together and talk!

Agents Forum

This site is for any Shelter agent who wants to be a better agent with a stronger agency.

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."

–Napolean Hill 

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